Devotional Work on the Shrine

The re-arrangement of Rhiannon’s shrine area is well advanced. The horse has been re-positioned and a larger area of the surround covered in slate chippings. I have been proceeding slowly with the chippings to discern what will please her. I have some other chippings in various shades of reddish-brown, honey and quartz white which I’m going to interleave with the slate around the base on which the horse and devotional accessories stand. I’m proceeding slowly towards Mayday with this in the manner of Manawydan in the Third Branch of the Mabinogi where he works patiently over a period of time to bring back Rhiannon from the Otherworld after the enchantment has been cast over Dyfed. Using resonant themes from the surviving mythos as contained in these medieval tales is one way of bringing elements of the mythos alive in my devotional practice.

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