Eponalia ….. Solstice

EPONA from a funeral stone – Agassac, Gaul

As darkness deepens Epona passes the ways of transformation; identities wane to thinness and dissolve as she closes the paths of unbecoming, resolve as she opens the ways to new becoming.

This is a time of stillness, small glimmers of hope flicker in the gloom. A candle is lit to mark the nights to Solstice. Another will be lit for the Longest Night and the nights to follow. These nights are barely less long and dark, but slowly, by seconds and then by minutes, day after day light begins to return.

Out of the dawning of these new days a New Year is born. New life will follow. But for now we wait, watching the candles burn slowly as Epona passes the ways of transformation, awaiting the Longest Night and the nights to follow: each new dawn a gradual lifting of the veil, a revelation of becoming.

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