For Rhiannon at the Coming of May Blossom

I have written a number of prayers addressed to RIGANTONA for sharing with others in the project of Brythonic Reconstruction. I have also used these prayers myself in my devotional practice. But I first knew her by the more recent form of her name : RHIANNON. This is the name by which I most intimately know her, and the name I usually use when addressing her devotionally in my personal practice.

There is a prayer I wrote to welcome her from the Otherworld in May. Rose petals – and later fresh roses – were used to reflect the ancient practice of placing rose garlands on altars within stables for EPONA.The formal version of this is addressed to RIGANTONA and can be found on the Dun Brython Website => . I find it most appropriate to write something fresh, even if based on previous versions, for special occasions. So here is a more personal variant of it which I used this year. Even this is not exactly as it was spoken. There were some extra bits, some repeated phrases, and some words in Welsh which I like to add. There were also pauses at a few points for emphasis and reflection. But this is the template:

RHIANNON, these rose petals I bring:
I strew them here, and now there
For your coming from your domain
And for your being with us here.

Spring grows to Summer all about us;
Flowers open for your coming
As you ride across the land
Which is enchanted by your riding.

I greet you now at the shrine
That I have created here for you
Where I have waited for the blossom
On hawthorn boughs to welcome you,

As I do now with these petals
Scattered before your altar
For the lifting of the veil
To brighten green boughs with glamour.

RHIANNON, these rose petals I cast
For your coming to your domain,
I strew them here, and now there
Until fresh roses bloom again.