Light from the Darkness

Between Gŵyl Ffraid and the following New Moon the cold strengthens: A bright day with sunlight on frost after a moondark night. At the edge of the shade of the three-boled yew tree, against the dark green of a carpet of ivy leaves, a brightness of snowdrops gathered where they can break through the ground shade: Light against Dark.

In the shaded space where the yew boles circle the ivied mound beneath them, a blackcap slips away into deeper shadows: sleek grey wings and a black poll appear for a brief moment before this small bird of shady glades is gone, like a glimpse of Spring. 

Out in the open a few early primroses brave the day. Here and there a celandine. But mostly buds remain tight shut, waiting the warmth that will bring them into leaf and flower as Earth is aroused by the light of lengthening days.

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