‘oet duis y cusil’ / ‘he was profound of counsel’
(Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin/Black Book of Carmarthen)

He knew the door
of the Otherworld hall
that should not be opened
while the feast continued,

the one that would unlock
the flow of time
and silence the singing
of Rhiannon’s birds.


He went to her then,
bringing Mabon with him
singing her praises,
to land of Dyfed.

Time passed, as it does,
in the common land,
the old story came round
as it will, once again:

Mabon snatched away
like the life of the land,
how could she not follow
though he bade her stay?

He waits for her now,
the watcher at the gate*,
guarding the portal,
patient in counsel.


*I have long since experienced him in this way.
Does he stand on both sides of the door?

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