Spring Cleaning

Earlier in this Diary I wondered when I should remove the shroud from Rhiannon’s horse because the weather in February had been so mild and spring-like. I decided ‘not yet’ and since then storms have brought strong winds, rain and colder temperatures back again.

But now, as the Spring Equinox approaches – when I will re-instate the solar pump in Mererid’s well – I am also considering removing the shroud at the same time, as a first step to spring cleaning the shrine to welcome Rhiannon in May. I am also considering extending the area of the shrine as the rose bush I planted there is taking up more room and I would like to move the horse from its proximity to the fence between the garden and the adjoining field.

So it will be my task between Equinox and Calan Mai to re-lay and extend the shrine area for Rhiannon when she returns, though all through Winter I have stood before the shrine daily and told her, though she rides across the plains of Annwn, yet she remains here in the heart of her devotee.

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