Winter; … who brings liquor to the feast?

Visiting the garden altar on cold days late November it seems sad and desolate. I have cut back much of the vegetation behind it which exacerbates this feeling, but it feels appropriate as the days shrink towards Solstice. The fountain is still too. I have removed the pump as there is not enough sunlight to drive the solar panel and because it could be damaged if the water freezes. But Rosmerta’s cup remains in the upper vat and the cauldron in the lower vat is full with water from Mererid’s well.

For Rosmerta,  I have written a poem which is posted on the Awenydd blog. Though her ancient iconography is clear, her mythos is till taking shape for me. It has been suggested that she is another aspect of Rigantona; though I am unsure of this I find I have associated her with Maponos in the poem and this may be step in the direction of defining an association.

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