Water Avens


Geum rivale

I grew this, in dedication
by my garden altar,
sewing the seed
by the welling water
of Mererid’s spring
keeping the pot wetter
than I would
for any other.

The first year
there was no flower
but I tended the leaves
on into the winter
and now, with the spring
the petals of liminal colour
bide their time to open
but are suddenly here, brighter

In the mind than it would seem
from their contained power.
So I wait upon them,
each new flower
as it comes, finding a way
to be itself far from any lake or river:
A testament to a sacred space
where things are placed to be made over.

Author: Greg Hill

Awenydd/Poet, Cultural Critic

3 thoughts on “Water Avens”

  1. I enjoy the tender triumph encapsulated in the bloom of a flower. Reading this and the dedication it took through the winter actually reminds me of the black bird poem.


    1. As the focus of posts on this site is devotional it is an offering as much as anything else, but yes I can see how the blackbird poem would have a similar resonance.

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